Take Head on The (80%) deficiency + varying requirements of Protein by women(Sugar Free)

Actiwah-DM is The BETTER DIGESTED, Soluble and DELICIOUS Protein for Assured ACTIve Nutrition and WAH of Taste. Actiwah-DM consists of

  • Pure Whey Protein

  • Milk Protein

  • MCT

  • Vegan Protein

  • Ca-caseinate

  • FOS

  • Complex Carbs

  • Fibre Blend

  • Sucralose + Vitamins

  • Minerals




Why Actiwah-DM and Some Facts About Protein and It's Intake by Indians in Indian Diet

  • 80% of Indians are PROTEIN Deficient

  • Moderate Hyperglycemia in Diabetes Type 2 Contributes to An Increased Turnover of Protein, thus an Increased Need for Protein.

  • Type 1 Diabetes Treated With Conventional Insulin Therapy, Results in Increased Protein Catabolism, Suggesting Adequate Protein Intake.

  • 60% of Protein in Indian Diet is of LOW Digestibility & Quality

  • Patient Compliance absent due to bitter taste of Protein available in Market.