The Preferred Brisk Iron Replenishment

Less Toxic.. Better Efficacy

  • Ferrous Ascorbate

    The low dose "high efficacy" haemoglobin profile accelerator

    Superior to high dose low efficacy ferrous fumarate

    Safe & well Tolerated

  • Folic Acid

    Essential haemopoeitic factor

    Controls associated neurological abnormalities

    Prevents anaemia of prematurity

  • Zinc

    Reduces chances of abnormalities during pregnancy

  • Cyanocobalamin

    The deficiency of Vitamin B12 is a major cause of anaemia in normal / cardivascular patients


  • Anaemia of Iron deficiency state

  • Megaloblastic anaemia.

  • Anaemia in growing children

  • Blood loss

  • Old age supplementation

  • Malabsorption

  • Worm Infestations

A Haemoglobin Patient Friendly Iron Therapy