SR Glu

/SR Glu

SR Glu

SR Glu is An Essential Support for best Clinical outcome

  • Strengthens immunity.

  • Enhances bacterial killing in post operative patients.

  • Involved in metabolism of carbohydrates Proteins & Fats.

  • Prevents Migration of Bacteria/Toxins from Gut Lumen To System.

  • Improves Nitrogen balance.

  • Diminished incidence of clinical infections.

  • Ensures Faster recovery.


Enhanced bacterial killing by neutrophils from postoperative patients.

SR Glu
  • May Drop Intra-cellular Glutamine levels by more than 50%.

  • Restores Glutamine Level.

  • Helps Improve Many Systemic & Gynaecogical Functions.

  • Replenish Organ Specific, Conditionally Essential Amino Acid.

  • Ensures support in Physiological factors like Maternal exhaustion, fetal and maternal stress during labor and delivery


  • Systemic Disorders

  • Surgery & Metabolic Stress

  • Supports in Post Partum Care

  • Ensures better growth of foetus & fulfills the expectations

  • *Short fall of amino acid results in poor volume of milk altered postpartum recovery.

  • *Glutamine” is the only Amino Acid, which crosses the placental cord barrier.