Serical Syrup

/Serical Syrup

Serical Syrup

Growth & Vitality... Both Need Calcium Supplementation

  • Composition:


  • Each 5ml contains:


  • Calcium Carbonate I.P.

  • 625mg

  • eq. to elemental Calcium

  • 250mg

  • Mangnesium Hydroxide I.P.

  • 180mg

  • eq. to elemetal Magnesium

  • 75mg

  • Zinc Gluconate U.S.P

  • 14mg

  • eq. to elemental zinc

  • 2mg

  • Vitamin D3 I.P.

  • 200 I.U.



Serical Suspension is best suited to Growth and Vitality. It serves as calcium supplement and delivers best calcium.
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Serical Syrup

Delivers Best Calcium