Vimzo-P Syp

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Vimzo-P Syp

Presenting The Nutritional Restorative with... The Richness of Disease Fighting Vitamins

Vimzo-P Syp is multivitamin & multimineral syrup.

Benefits of Vimzo-P Syp:

Helps cardiovascular health- regulated cholestrol & BP.

Strongly supports the strengthening of immune system.

Boost body immunity

Vital for production, repair & functioning of DNA

Essential component of coenzymes, NAD & NADP

Required for metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids & proteins

Produce antibodies, hormones, enzymes, collagen formation & repair of tissues.- Superior than beta-carotene & vitamin C

Helps in preventing several chronic diseases

Vimzo Syrup

An Essential Adjuvant to all Prescriptions